Yale Campus Housing

You may sign up for Yale University campus housing on the registration form. Air conditioned, single bedrooms are available for professionals in the Swing Residence Hall for $80.00 per person per night. Accommodations in Timothy Dwight College are for students. There are 30 spots available, on a first-come first-serve basis and are free of charge. Reservations for both facilities requires a two night minimum stay.

The next three paragraphs contain last minute housing instructions and refer to this campus map.

If you signed up through Yale Conference Services for campus housing, then you are staying at Swing Space (aka New Residence Hall, which is at 100 Tower Parkway, or spot 2 on the map). A housing office (203-436-4119) is located in the building and is open for check-in seven days a week, 8:30 AM to 8:30 PM. Guests must check out by 3:00 PM on their scheduled departure date. If you will be checking in past 8:30 PM, arrangements for a late arrival will need to be made. Room assignments and keys will be distributed from the Housing Office. A memo about housing in Swing is here.

If you have been placed in the free student housing, then you are staying at Silliman College, which is at 505 College Street, or spot 3 on the map. (Note that this is a change; student housing was formerly in Timothy Dwight College.) The housing office for Silliman is not in Silliman, but in Timothy Dwight, whose main gate is on Temple Street between Wall and Grove. That housing office (203-436-2534) is open Friday until 5:30, and is not open on the weekends. If you will arrive when the housing office is closed, please contact Pedro Ondrush, pedro.ondrush (at) yale.edu, (203) 432-2436. Alternative check-in arrangements must be made before 4:30 pm on Wednesday June 17.

If you do aren't sure about your housing arrangements, please contact Justin Jannise, justin.jannise (at) yale.edu, (203) 432-7306.